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Social workers, community support workers and call center employees are entitled to overtime.

May 4, 2016

Many people assume that you aren’t entitled to overtime if you are paid a salary by your employer. Nothing could be further from the truth! Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Missouri Wage and Hour Laws, most workers are entitled to overtime, even if they are paid a salary. A prime example of improperly paying overtime benefits is occurring throughout the State of Missouri with regard to social workers, community support specialists, community support workers, case managers and call center employees. We are finding that, in these particular fields, employers overwhelmingly misapply the law and deny overtime benefits. Social workers are oftentimes called upon to work oppressive hours with no additional pay. Employers allege that these types of workers are “learned professionals,” an exception to the FLSA. Under the definitions of the FLSA, however, we do not believe these workers are learned professionals, because few have degrees in their fields. In nearly every case, no such degree is required. If you believe your employer is denying you overtime pay, call today for a free consultation.


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