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Result: $250k settlement

A motorcyclist is taking his Harley Davidson for a stroll in outlying Missouri on a warm summer day. Just after dark, he is stopped at the last stop sign before turning into his driveway when a woman, who later admitted to “being on her cell phone and playing with the radio” failed to make a wide enough turn at the intersection, resulting in a collision between her large SUV and the left-side of the motorcycle. As a result of the collision, the motorcyclist’s left leg is almost entirely severed just above his ankle. After being airlifted to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis where, after nearly eight hours of surgery, the hospital’s surgical team is able to successfully reattach the motorcyclist’s leg. After being released from the hospital, the motorcyclist spends the next six months in extensive rehabilitation, but fortunately, due to the quick work of paramedics on the scene and Barnes Jewish Hospital’s world-class surgical team, the motorcyclist has now regained nearly all usage and function in his left leg. Due to issues involving the other driver’s policy limits, Hollingshead & Dudley’s attorneys worked diligently to locate and apply other applicable insurance coverage—efforts that, in the end, were successful.

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