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Working hard to support yourself and your family is one of the basic building blocks that make this country great. Defined into law over centuries are a series of laws that are designed to protect employees in the country. However, more often than not, individuals are unaware of their rights and end up being taken advantage of, often times to the detriment of their home life or personal well being. The simple question for you is as follows; do you know your rights as an employee? If you believe that your rights may be being breached, then you will need the assistance of an employee rights attorney.

Situations Where One’s Rights Can Be Violated And Where You Need An Employee Rights Attorney

Sadly, there are countless opportunities for worker’s rights to be violated. Thankfully, the majority of companies are good when it comes to adhering to these rules, and may even accidentally break them in good faith. Either way, it helps to know what your rights are and where the line is drawn when it comes to getting an employee rights lawyer.

Employee rights can be denied even before you begin working through the hiring process. From there, you may experience workplace harassment or discrimination, as well as age discrimination and workplace retaliation. Your rights to time off of work as well as your rights concerning wage and hour laws are also points where an employer may be breaching their contract with you as well as the laws set in place. In addition, if you are experiencing issues with workplace privacy as well as anything else listed above, you should consider employee rights lawyers.

If You’ve Experienced Any Of These, It Is Time To Call An Employee Rights Lawyer

A job can be a fantastic place to showcase your skills and make a difference in the world. Solving issues of employee rights is crucial to making your workplace a functional and healthy environment for you to be in. With an employee rights attorney on your side, you will be better able to argue your case. Along with having assistance every step of the way, you will be fully knowledgeable about your actions and where you can take the case.

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Minimum Wage

Do you know the minimum wage laws in your area? What about the minimum wage amount? While many Americans earn at or near minimum wage, few are aware of the actual rates or laws concerning the minimum laws. As a result, thousands may be losing out on profits that they deserve. Whether it is through ignorance or purposeful deceit, you have a right to all wages you earn and at least the required amount as dictated by law.

If you live in St Louis, MO, then you should be paid at least $7.65 an hour. While only 35 cents above the federal amount, it is expected to begin going up soon as state legislation moves to increase how much individuals are paid. As the state minimum wage laws change, the best thing you can do is to fully represent yourself by understanding the laws and working with attorneys that have your back every step of the way.

Is Your Employer Not Giving You Minimum Wage?

Sometimes less scrupulous employers will give you excuses for why you are not earning what you should be earning. Knowing when to call a lawyer to help solve these problems is crucial. Review the existing law as it appears in state documents provided online to see what classification of employment you fall under and whether or not you are exempt from the minimum wage law. As the majority of individuals are not exempt, you should probably consider legal representation if you are earning below the amounts listed above and you live in St Louis Missouri.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Firm for Minimum Wage Law Representation

When state minimum wage laws are broken, hardworking employees lose out on earnings they have rightfully earned. Helping to right this wrong as we work on behalf of our clients, let us help represent you in this matter. Working with you from the start, we will review your case and go over the details, determining the kind of case you have against your employer. Reviewing all laws and gathering the evidence you need to make a case, we will keep you fully informed and knowledgeable, allowing you to make the best possible decisions when moving forward.
As always, we believe you are entitled to the best legal representation. Set an appointment today and use the minimum laws to fight for your rights.

Overtime Attorney

Why You Should Retain The Services of an Overtime Attorney

According to the Department of Labor (DoL), ‘overtime’ is defined as time and a half pay for every hour over 40 hours a week spent working. Defined in further detail in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Act that defines ‘overtime’ applies on a workweek basis with a regularly recurring week that can be defined to begin and end on any day. With the DoL recently revising the definition of ‘overtime’ to include some low paying white collar positions that are salaried, you may in fact be entitled to more money then what you are currently receiving. Whether done intentionally or accidently, if you are not being paid your fair share then you will need the services of an overtime attorney. Helping you navigate the confusing and at times obfuscated world of labor law, your overtime lawyer will run through various fact sheets and general guidance principles to help with your case. When it comes to having representation in court, make sure you have the full legal representation afforded to you so that you can place your best case forward.

Do You Have Uncredited Overtime Pay?

Are you owed overtime? The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you are hourly. If you are hourly, then the process of determining overtime is relatively straightforward. If you are salary, then recent changes in the rules means that you may want to seek an attorney to be sure what legal footing you have. If you are hourly, then every hour worked over 40 hours a week requires overtime pay. First, determine your workweek as set by your employer. Typically, this is Sunday to Saturday, or Monday to Sunday. Sometimes the workweek may split straight through the center of the week. Once you find your start, count every hour you worked. For every hour over 40, multiply your pay by 1.5 then add to the amount you are paid for the 40 hours. Regardless, in figuring all this out you may want to retain the services of an overtime attorney.

Discussing Your Claim With An Overtime Lawyer

Helping you make sense of confusing laws, an overtime attorney will tell you where you stand according to the law. In addition, let our talented team provide these services for you.

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Every year, Americans from around the country sacrifice their time and personal well being to protect the freedoms that we hold so dear. Oftentimes leaving work to do so, individuals may be gone for days, weeks, or months after receiving orders. Fighting for their country, these military personnel often give up civilian life when their services are needed.

Acknowledging the sacrifice these individuals make, the government has a number of laws that help to protect a civilian called into active duty. Beginning with Veterans’ Reemployment Act, individuals are protected in their civilian jobs and are provided benefits if called to duty. In 1994, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) were passed by then president Bill Clinton. Its primary goal was to help protect the rights of military personnel in civil employment when they are called to serve their country. Applying to all uniformed service individuals and their respective reserve components, the USERRA is a broad reaching law that provides protection for the individuals who serve to protect us.

USERRA Eligibility

USERRA dictates that every military personnel called into active duty is allowed to have re-employment rights for up to 5 years of being absent. Aiding in the protection of veteran and deployment discrimination, USERRA helps individuals who serve this country have a place of employment and stops them from being improperly fired due to circumstances outside of their control. Incredibly helpful for military events, USERRA is eligible for all no longer active duty uniformed military personnel who are called into duty. As long as the individual reports back to employment in a timely fashion after their military deployment, they have full rights and access back to their job.

Were Your Rights Violated? Contact USERRA Lawyer To Help

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, a company may have terminated or otherwise changed your employment in contradiction to the laws set forth in USERRA. If you believe you are the subject of discrimination, then give us a call today. We can help review your case, what protections USERRA provides, and where you can go from here. Bringing to bare years of experience for our clients, we help you get the justice you deserve. In thanks to the community that sacrifices their safety for our freedom, we work to make each and every case unique, focusing our time and attention on your needs.

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Workers Compensation

In 2014, there were an estimated 55,710 cases of workplace related injury. This included individuals who sustained things like sprains, strains, and tares as well as a host of other problems that resulted in an average of 10 days away from work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics goes on to say that while reported cases are dropping across the board, individuals are still struggling to get the compensation they deserve.

More often than not when this is the case, workers compensation lawyers are required to help figure out what laws may be broken and what can be done about it. If you believe you are being treated in opposition to the law, then don’t let the injuries you sustain on the job keep you from finding the best representation possible. The future of your claim depends on it.

Got Injured? Know Your Rights And Let Workers Compensation Lawyers Fight For you

Did you know that you have rights when in the workplace regarding injury? In addition, did you know that there is laws put in place to help defend both your rights and your future income, even if you cannot work? Known as workers compensation, this particular aspect of employment is often fraught with ambiguity as companies try to get out of paying employees that file claims.

In addition to the company you work for not paying, you may also run into issues with your insurance provider. If you have workers compensation provided by an insurance company, then you are looking at having to battle a large organization for the rights you deserve. When this is the case, the only way to come out on top is to find workers compensation attorneys willing to take your case and stand by your side as your case develops. Go into the fight with both hands free and let a workers compensation attorney fight for your rights.

Getting A Workers Compensation Attorney For The Legal Work

A worker compensation attorney can help you organize your legal work and give you the legal footing necessary to make a case. Instead of leaving it up to chance, let us help you represent yourself. From making you fully knowledgeable about your rights to sticking with you every step of the way, we will work to continue our reputation for superior representation by giving you the best service available.

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