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$400k settlement, including requiring sexual harassment training at the company (to include it’s CEO/founder/owner) to be put on by a mutually agreed upon third-party law firm

The CEO/founder/owner of a well-known hedge fund in the St. Louis area had a practice of sending out sexually explicit and blatantly misogynistic emails to his company’s female employees. While most female employees at the company remain silent about their outrage to avoid putting their well-paying jobs at stake, one female financial professional decides to speak out. Despite the accusations of sexual harassment being lodged against the company’s CEO/founder/owner, the woman files an internal complaint with the company’s Director of HR. Following a not-so-surprising shoddy investigation into the company’s “top dog,” the HR Department’s findings of “no merit” are equally unsurprising.

Emboldened by the HR Department’s findings, the CEO/founder/owner fires the complaining woman accusing her of “poor work performance”—an allegation lodged after many years of the woman receiving excellent reviews by her supervisors. In response, the woman files a lawsuit against the company and its CEO/founder/owner accusing both of sexual harassment, unlawful retaliation for filing her HR complaint, and wrongful termination. Following years of extensive litigation by Hollingshead & Dudley’s attorneys, including the taking of countless depositions…

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