“I came to Hollingshead & Dudley seeking guidance for my accident, and I ended up hiring them as my attorneys. Not only are they one of the best at what they do, but they are very friendly, helpful, and very informative when it comes to the information about a case. They sent me to all the right people and took care of everything for me. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them to anyone who needs a good attorney.” - Automobile Accident Client

“Hollingshead & Dudley was the first law firm I called right after filing a claim with my auto insurance because I was the middle car in a 3-car accident. They immediately took my case on and represented me to the fullest. Since they took over, I literally had nothing to do regarding the claim, which also meant that I was free from playing phone tags with the other companies and, most importantly, I was able to be stress-free even though my car was totaled. They were able to immediately get me into one of the best chiropractors in the city. They quickly settled my claim with not much effort on my part. This was the third time they have represented me, and I was treated impeccably by their firm. Best law firm, hands down. They’re definitely your law firm if you’re looking for someone who is honesty and hard working.” - Automobile Accident Client

“Hollingshead & Dudley is one of the best law firms to date I have ever encountered. I met an attorney of their firm over a year ago and reached out to them shortly after to help in my unfortunate situations. Since then, they have been nothing but trustworthy, respectful, and loyal throughout the different situations. Their attorneys explain everything very throughly, are calm, and tell the different options and what the outcomes are. I have reached out to them for personal injury as well. The claim that I am currently dealing with, they have provided much advice and help, and I fully trust what path they direct me. They also continue to provide guidance and help when handling speeding tickets and have reduced mine to not show on my record. All in all, they are an outstanding law firm. No matter the issue, I recommend Hollingshead & Dudley. I will continue to use them from here on out, as well as recommend them to all. I am very thankful to have a law firm I can trust.” - Automobile Accident, DWI Defense, & Traffic Ticket Client

“I contacted Hollingshead & Dudley the morning of my rescheduled court date, and they were able to promptly take care of it all with only a few hours notice. I made a decision to go to a different lawyer for a minor traffic ticket but it was never taken care of and had a warrant out for my arrest. Hollingshead & Dudley was able to take this case, got rid of my warrants, no points, and got my license back! As a teacher, this possible arrest from the warrant might have eliminated my teaching position within one of the best schools in Missouri, which would have jeopardized my career. I am very thankful for Hollingshead & Dudley and how fast, efficient, and professional they were in handling my case; not to mention, they cleaned up another lawyer’s mess very nicely.” - Traffic Ticket Client

“Hollingshead & Dudley is truly the best in their trade. Even the people that I share my story with have never heard of anyone being able to do what they have done for me. People of their word, they walked me through my entire case, keeping me updated, and never promising what they could or couldn’t do. Instead, they gave me their word that I would be fine and delivered the anticipated result we were both hoping. I would recommend Hollingshead & Dudley’s service to anyone and everyone!” - Criminal Defense Client